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Dry Wet Pig Feeder


Email: Skype: elena.forbes.11 The dry wet pig feeder integrates automatic feeding & drinking function. It is suitable for both powder feedstuff and feed pellets. The feed can be delivered evenly through the delicate valve, and it also has automatic regulation device. The drinker can make pigs do less running between feeder and waterer, and benefit for a good digestion.

Dry Wet Pig Feeder Features
1. One pig feeder can meet the demand of 40 pigs of 100kg each.
2. Our design can improve the pigs’ feeding intake of more than 20% and make them marketable 7 days earlier.
3. The bottom kerf and and doser are made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and disassembly.
4. Unique feeding mode, which is suitable for both piglets and fattening pigs. It can decrease the waste of the feed for the most part.
5. It has double-canopy and medical entrance, which can avoid the pigs pilfer feed and pollution efficiently.
6. It will get better performance if combined with automatic charging systems.

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