- Model TM 500-E - Multiphase Feeding System



Our DryComp-System is a computer controlled multiphase feeding system which enables aimed provision of individual output stations.

  • Weighing mixer in which different kinds of dry feed can be combined with each other respective of requirements and can be fed out via independent feed circuits
  • Weighing mixers deliverable in three different sizes (40, 100, 500kg)
  • 4 inlet ports
  • Exact weighing systems (up to 10g release) are granting very high dosing accuracy
  • Possibility for probe feeding
  • Simultaneous mixing and feeding out of the prepared rations
  • Integration into extensive grinding and mixing processes possible
  • Optional: Dosing feeder for admixture of additives
  • Special equipment: frequency regulated inflow of individual components
  • Computer controlled system for the domestic production of mixed feed Pneumatically driven modular storage cabinet for the filling of 2 feed inlet hoppers (for 2 different feed circuits)
  • Low space requirement
  • Two mixers with 2 lines each can be simultaneously fed out

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