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For years, we at Tecnolam Italiana s.r.l. have not just applied the experience we have acquired to the workshop-construction of industrial systems. We have also been solving problems linked with agricultural and animal husbandry environments. In view of the current situation regarding rotobale drying, we decided to invest in researching a system that would remedy the shortfalls of the existing machinery available on the market.

This research led to the creation and subsequent patenting and distribution of the EOLO system: the only rotobale dryer that can be transported with the tractor’s power lift thanks to its very small size and light weight, and that can dry up to 16 bales per cycle. We propose SUPEREOLO to those who ask us for a larger sized system with higher productivity: this is a patented, fixed system that dries up to 48 bales per cycle. Both the Eolo and the Supereolo systems have been widely sold throughout Italy and can be seen in many farms where they have been used successfully for many years.

EOLO Drier Technical specifications Size of basic assembly: height 2,500; length 2,500, width 1,600 Air flow rate: max. 32,000 m³/h Diesel burner: 90,000 – 130,000 Kcal/h 0.385 W Fan: Centrifugal with expansion clutch Rotobale drying capacity per cycle: 8-12-16 according to the model Weight of basic unit: approximately 1,300 Kg

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