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- Control Interior Climate Conditions of the Greenhouse

DryGair was designed to control interior climate conditions of the greenhouse and maintain constant temperature and humidity conditions. The unit uses the process of heating the greenhouse in an energetic efficient manner. The patent protected unit was planned to substitute the conventional common methods used in greenhouses to keep the required climate conditions. This is the solution for the winter nights to solve the humidity created by the crop's evaporation. Integrating DryGair in the greenhouse enables the grower to improve the operational methods and achieve more crops and better yield. The unit is constructed so the air drawn from the greenhouse space is channeled to pass through it and return to the greenhouse space. It is more efficient as the greenhouse is better isolated. While using it, no need for ventilation and no need for insertion of external cold air exits

DryGair, a combined dehumidifying and heating unit, is designed to maintain conditions of 80% relative humidity and 18°C during its operation. One unit can control the climate of a greenhouse of 1,400 sqm. The electricity energy inserted and the conversion of the latent heat to sensible heat that returned back to the greenhouse, from dehumidification process, cause a major reduction of heating costs. If additional heating is required, the air passes through a hot water coil, in order to raise greenhouse space temperature.There are supplementary benefits to the usage of DryGair in greenhouse such as: 
- Improved product quality - Homogeneous conditions - Pollution reduction - Growth conditions improvement - Diseases prevention mainly Botrytis elimination - Lowering pest control spraying - Allowing the crops to use the CO2 accumulated during night as a photosynthesis 'fuel' in the early dawn hours.In addition the unit is capable of removing app. 600 L of water per night (45 L/hour) per 1,400 sqm. which can be recycled while consuming 10 Kw electricity power.

The existing operational methods in greenhouses are energetically inefficient, increase expenses, require usage of pesticide and harm the environment. The optimal climate conditions within the greenhouse are essential for the quality of the vegetables, flowers and plants grown. For most of the vegetables' crops temperature of 14°c - 18°c and 80% relative humidity conditions are required also during winter nights. In order to achieve such conditions the greenhouse is heated. Humidity is created due to the evaporation of the crop during the nights. Humidity causes wetness on the foliage and vegetables and constitutes a fertile ground for development of fungus and diseases.In order to prevent the damages caused by high humidity, the growers ventilate the greenhouse by inserting cold external dry air form outside, and thus wasting a lot of energy.Due to the increase in fuel and natural gas prices, and the prohibition of cheap fuel, the awareness of environmental subjects, and the ongoing efforts to reduce current expenses of the growers, there is an important need for revision in the existing techniques for reducing humidity in greenhouses and decreasing the need for pesticide.

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