Meyer Burger

Model DS 261 - Wire Saw



The first-class surface of the wafers, as well as best warp and TTV values, make the DS 261 the leading wire saw in the semi-conductor industry. The DS 261 yields top technological and qualitative performances and is used in particular for cutting 12 inch wafers.

  • Fast and efficient cutting
  • Best warp and TTV values
  • Best nano-topological values
  • Integrated workpiece orientation
Wide range of applications - Maximum yield

Besides silicon, the versatile DS 261 also cuts other hard and brittle materials such as quartz, sapphire or gallium arsenide in different dimensions. The high quality standard of the DS261 from construction to processing guarantees maximum yield and best nano-topological values.

Workpiece dimensionsmax. ø 305 mm (12')

Loading length (max. 400 mm)

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