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Model DSL - Disc Harrow



Laumetris Ltd. produces trailed and suspended disc harrows of 3 – 8 m. width for different power tractors. After one drive disc harrow peels soil surface, chops and inserts residuals of plants with weed seeds. Back placed roller compacts soil and improves top surface’s capillary irrigation – stimulates better decomposition of plants residuals and weed seeds, later on it increases better sprout of seeded crop. Disc harrow DSL is created for stubble razor after harvesting and soil cultivation after ploughing. First line consists of wide spring tines with collating and crumbling claws. In addition this system can be managed from tractor through hydraulic system.

510 mm. diameter discs attached to spring tines while moved in vertical plane do not get stuck or clogged by stubble, other weeds residuals. Space between two lanes of discs is expanded up to 1050 mm., so it becomes one of the biggest space in such aggregate class and decreases clogging even in heavy conditions.

Rollers in the back of disc harrow are mounted in few sections attached by hydraulic cylinder to main frame. Such system provides easy depth managing from tractor's cabin. Furthermore, while working at the end of land, all aggregate can be lifted from the ground and turned around moving on rollers. Rollers hydraulic system works also as protection when obstacles are met - one roller section lifts while contacting an obstacle, when passed roller comes back. Such hydraulic protection system minimizes damage and improves durability. Moreover, rollers diameter is 700 mm., because of big diameter rollers do not spoil structure of soil - linear speed is low.

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