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Model DSP series - Grain Dryers



KMZ produces stationary shaft dryers that are ideal for companies with large volumes of processed grain and oil-seed crops. They are characterized by low operational costs combined with simplicity of operation. At all stages of drying process you will be able to control the volume of air passing through, temperature and speed of grain flow.

Grain dryers DSP-25, A1-DSP-50, DSP-50E, 2xA1-DSP-50 are continuously operating dryers (stream dryers). DSP-10 and DSP-20 are serial processing models (batch dryers).

Design of 2xA1-DSP-50 model stipulates a reversal of drying agent for reuse that allows substantial reduction of fuel consumption. DSP-25 and A1-DSP-50 exploit equally advanced technology that mixes used atmospheric air with drying agent and routes it to drying zone, which leads to substantially decreased operational costs, as well.

  • Dry any crop (including rapeseed)
  • Enable to mix grain of different moisture content (recirculation)
  • Offer moisture control in the product flow
  • Possess an automated control system
  • Have a simple design that ensures easy installation and post sales support

Automation system of our grain dryers performs the following functions:

  • Remote measurement of heat-transfer agent temperature and grain heating through five channels
  • Control of heat-transfer agent and grain heating according to specified parameters
  • Pre-emergency calling and emergency shut-down of fuel feed
  • Grain outlets control
  • Measurement of grain products humidity at the output flow
  • Grain upper limit excess alarm

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