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- Model Milli-F - Depth Temperature Archival Tag



The temperature depth recording archival tag stores the data in its large internal memory with a real-time reference for each measurement. With recapture of the tagged animal the data from the tag can be downloaded into a PC computer. DST milli-F archival tag is supported by the SeaStar software and the Communication Box which serves as an interface between the logger and a PC. Communication between the logger and the Communication Box is wireless.

In SeaStar, the user sets the start time, start date and sampling interval before starting the recorder. Up to seven different intervals can be set for the same measurement sequence. This is especially useful when more frequent measurements are needed at a certain time period.

With default programming temperature and pressure are recorded as pairs. Optionally, they can be set as primary and secondary parameters with different sampling frequency. That way memory partitioning can be customized according to individual preferences.

After recovering the data storage tag the recorded data is uploaded to SeaStar where results are displayed both in graphic and tabular form. After retrieving the data, the DST can be re-programmed and reused as long as the battery lasts.
A set of Communication Box and SeaStar software needs to be purchased with the first order.

Star-Oddi also offers protective logger housings for use at fixed locations or gear.

Extended memory
All DST milli products are available with an extended memory capacity of 682,000 measurements in total (FLASH memory, DST milli-F). Total memory size is divided between the two sensors temperature and depth. Please note that the FLASH memory consumes a little more energy from the batteries.

Temperature calibration outside standard range
Temperature calibration outside of standard ranges or for smaller ranges is available for all products on request.

DST milli-L is an ideal low cost temperature depth logger for fish or marine animal tagging projects, where large quantities of archival tags are needed at reasonable cost. For recapture purposes Star-Oddi marks each tag with a custom defined text containing information on how to return tags and reward. The DST milli-L can also be deployed subsea at mooringsr, fastened to fishing gear or other underwater equipment, collecting valuable data. 

The DST milli-L is suitable for studies within:

  • Fish and marine animal tagging (internally or externally)
  • Oceanography
  • Marine biology
  • Agricultural and cattle
  • Hydrology
  • Ecosystems research
  • Temperature and pressure measurement in liquids, vials etc.
  • Pharmaceutical production (quality control)
  • Any other field where temperature and pressure recordings are required

  • Low cost depth and temperature archival tag for fish and marine animal tagging where large quantities are needed
  • Custom defined text marked on housings for recapture purposes
  • Tag holder kits available for external attachment on fish
  • Dimensions 39.4 mm x 13 mm
  • Memory up to 1,4 million measurements in total
  • Long battery life, typically over 3 years

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