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DTN brush cutter mowers are roadside-maintenance equipment designed for use on motor-graders. These industrial hydraulic attachments brush cutter mowers are a vertical-shaft brushcutting head that is mounted on an articulating arm. Since graders are often under-utilized, the DTN brush cutter mowers can be put to work on any available grader. The faster traveling speeds of graders means that roadside maintenance work can be done up to four times faster than with a mower mounted on a conventional tractor.

DTN mowers use vertical-shaft brushcutting disc technology with two freely rotating knives and a head mounted at the end of an articulating arm, a design that offers considerable advantages.

DTN models also include one or two axial-piston motors, a cooling circuit, and an electric-hydraulic control panel in the operator’s cab.

DTN brush cutter mowers for graders were previously marketed under the names BM Super Cut, BM Super Cut II and Gridz by the original manufacturer located in Castlegard, BC, Canada.

There are three (3) models of the DTN brush cutter mowers: one with a 1,2 m (4-ft) brushcutting head, another with a 1,5 m (5-ft) head, and a third with a patented double head providing a total cutting width of 2,4 m (8-ft).

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