Dual-mode Organic Fertilizer Granulator


Website: http://fertilizer-machinery.com SKYPE: elena.forbes11 Contact Email: fanwayfertilizermachinery@gmail.com Description: Dual-mode organic fertilizer granulator is a combination of various pelletizing technologies applicable to organic materials granulation. It significantly strengthens granulation function, making double-mode fertilizer production technology the most promising one in modern fertilizer granulation process. Technical Data of Organic Fertilizer Granulator Dimension(mm):1760×960×1850,2130×1000×2380 Production Capacity(t/h): 3-7, 5-10 Power(KW): 30,45 Application of Organic Fertilizer Granulator ※ Used in chemical, bio-energy, food, feed, fertilizer, and other industries ※ Suitable for producing organic fertilizer, bio-fertilizer, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer

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