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Model Due Manual - Versatile Transplanting Machine



Due Manual is a very versatile transplanting machine because it can transplant square soil blocks, modules, bulbs, seeds and all kind of plants including the ornamental plants and the nursery plants.It is possible to transplant and/or mulch (plastic or biodegradable film, cellulose) at the same time. It is equipped with a double frame. The external frame which is mounted on 4 wheels is assembled together with an internal frame through a parallelogram system. The vertical transplanting elements equipped with cups, which bed out the plants, are lodged in the internal frame. It can be either towed by a tractor or self – propelled (mod. Due Matic). The self – propelled machine is equipped with four-wheel drive, with automatic pilot and with engine Kubota (32HP).

  • Pipe layer with one or two spools
  • Rubber press wheels
  • Insecticide distributor
  • Fertiliser distributor
  • Row marker
  • Share to bury the pipe
  • Gear for shorter plant distance in the row (under 19 cm)

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