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Greater distances between farms, increasing yields, changing weather conditions, and time restraints – harvest time presents a unique challenge to all farmers, no matter what the season. Whether it’s haylage, sugar beets, corn silage, or grain corn; there’s a lot to take off the field and very little time to do it.

Designed for the Farmer

Penta comes from a long history of farming, and we understand that transporting your crop is something that needs to be done quickly and reliably. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce our latest line of products to improve the efficiency of your operation – Penta hydraulic dump boxes.

Penta dump boxes were designed with the farmer in mind. Start with the visibility inside the box from the cab of your tractor, move to the unique loading and unloading features, and finish with an overbuilt frame and robust axles for increased strength and floatation.

Combining simplicity with strength, Penta dump boxes are the premium choice for the modern farmer. With on the farm testing and farmer input, Penta is providing a superior option for quickly transporting and delivering your crops in perfect condition.

Flexible Options Available

There are four sizes of boxes currently available, each suited to your unique needs. They range in size from 30 cubic metres (1050 cubic feet) to 70 cubic metres (2450 cubic feet).

The DB70 and DB50 are larger machines best suited for large or custom operators, while the DB40 and DB30 are designed with the traditional sized farm in mind.

Minimize Your Compaction, Maximize Your Horsepower

Penta dump boxes are constructed to float over soft field conditions, reducing the drag and horsepower required. The DB70 (4 axles) and the DB50 (3 axles) both feature front and rear steering axles, while the DB40 and DB30 feature tandem axles. All units come with large 800/45R26.5 tires – greatly

User Friendly Front End

The front of the box is designed to be operator friendly. Exceptional visibility is achieved with a viewing window covered with plexiglass, making it effortless for the operator to view inside while loading. A foldaway front ladder is also featured for when a closer look is required. A hydraulic front gate tilts forward for the initial pass through the field, for ease of loading while following a forage harvester.

Unique Box Design

The Penta dump boxes sit on identical mounting knuckles – two on each corner on the DB70, DB50 and DB40; one on each corner for the DB30. Pins are inserted in the rear knuckles to keep the box fixed while lifting. By providing eight identical knuckles, the pins can be switched to reverse lifting, again increasing your ability to fill the box while travelling behind a harvester.
Removable extensions come standard, and are simple to remove if less height is required. As well, a graphite coated inside and a hydraulic tailgate increase the efficiency of unloading, saving time and hassle. 

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