Dump Trailer



Dump trailers by Overbilt Trailer Company announces the addition of both Tandem axle dump trailers and Tri-axle dump trailers. As a custom mining trailer manufacturer, Overbilt configures these Dump Trailers to best meet your dump trailer needs. Overbilt dump trailers have an extremely short dump cycle time compared to an end dump trailer or belly dump trailer. 'Time is Money,' so save time and earn more money today with Overbilt Dump Trailers!

  • Attain near perfect weight distribution.
  • Deep, high tensile, waffled steel dump trailer frame.
  • Low center of gravity creating extreme stability for each Overbilt Dump Trailer.
  • 90 degrees of dump angle along the bottom of the dump trailers and 42 degrees along the side in the dump position.
  • Applications such as trailer dumping over bridge railing, hauling large boulders, hauling contaminated mining products or wind rowing material.
  • Tub of each dump trailer is constructed of quarter inch T-1 steel creating extreme durability.
  • Our dump trailer tubs will handle large rock, rip rap and other high impact mining products.

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