The low balance point due to the springs mounted below the axle, two tilting cylinders and the solid chassis frame allow my Brantner dumper to tilt over without hasitation even in rough situations. An efficient transport has a special meaning particularly at the silage use. There are clear defined demands: simple handling, huge transport capacity as well as unproblematic loading and unloading. All Brantner dumpers are marked by these characteristics. Also for any other agricultural purpose the Brantner dumper Power-Tube is the ideal vehicle because of its smooth inner surface and the standard mounted hydraulic rear wall opening.

ACC 866 surface coating
Because of the innovative ACC866 coating and the 2 component painting by hot spray procedure an excellent protection against corrosion is granted.

hydraulic, grain tight rearwall
The overhead tipping cylinders are well protected and allow a wide opening angle of the rearwall. It is also possible to lock the rearwall in any position you like.

box section
Aditional stability is granted because of the solid bar mounted at the upper edge of the hutch.

The conical hutch is made of 4 mm steel plate. It ensures unhindered sliding off of the loaded goods.

pressed section-chassis frame
Because of the cold pressed and from one piece manufactured C-, G- or double-C-sections with additional strut sections the frame is particular stable and no carriage frame problems occur. So we can easyly grant 10 years chassis frame guarantee.

The hutch is folded barrel-shaped, the side walls are self supporting. Wide stanchions achieve enormous stability.

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