Bourgoin SAS

Bourgoin SAS

- Model 12000 - Self Propelled Corn Pickers



For more than 40 years, Bourgoin SAS has been designing and manufacturing self propelled corn pickers adaptable to all type of com : sweet corn, seed corn, pop com. An accurate harvesting solution, the Bourgoin dump wagon combines simplicity and efficiency in the harvesting process in order to provide a solution to help achieve the highest output. It can also handle all kinds of corn, cereals and vegetables. Additional equipment is available to enable fertilizer feeding (optional).

Loading ' Unloading

  • Capacity: 1201*.
  • Maximum loading : 10.5T.
  • Unloading angle: 38'.
  • Minimum unloading height: 2.45m,M.
  • Maximum unloading height: 4.30nV'.
  • Minimum loading height: 2.85m''.


  • Total length: 5.50m.
  • Total width: 2.64m.
  • Height: 3.45m'1.
  • Hopper length: 3m.
  • Maximum wheels diameter: 1.75m.


  • Minimum lifting pressure required: 150bar
  • Minimum hydraulic flow required: 80lt/min
  • Flow capacity required for full discharge: 40lt
  • Single acting hydraulic circuit
  • Discharge time imin
  • Hydraulic braking


  • 3 hitch positions.
  • Ladder.

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