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- Radial Ultrasound Scanner


The new Duo-Scan Radial ultrasound scanner for cattle - see it all with a 170° view and complete preganancy check less time than other pregnancy detection methods

Duo Scan radial looks very much like our easi scan product with the fixed radial probe attached. The Duo scan radial gives crisp clear images in target applications such as goggles and remote display. The ease use with scanner means less down time. This scanner is for predominantly for pregnancy detection in beef cows.

  • Faster pregnancy checks than other detection methods
  • See more with a larger and deeper view than other ultrasound scanner
  • Less strain on you and the animal than other methods and machines

The Duo Scan gives a  170° viewing image compared to other ultrasound machines only offering 90°, with its multiple frequency settings its allows you to see as deep as 12.5 inches , seeing an image at this depth and nearly twice in size to regular ultrasound images its gives the user a more clear and accurate image. The on -screen ageing rings aid with determining the age of the foetal which will determine calving dates therefore giving you  more control and management of calving season.

The Duo Scan has adopted the Easi Scan exterior with a fixed mechanical radial probe, it’s light and easy to wear giving you more freedom out in the field where you need it most. It has a battery life of 5 hours so you will be ready for a break long before your duo scan is. It is customizable to your needs with multiple viewing options in goggles or monitor varieties, multiple frequency settings and battery or mains power, you couldn’t ask for more.

You and the animal will have less stress and strain. Use with the radial probe and you have an “arm-free” cattle ultrasound machine. Your arm does not need to enter the rectum. Strain you feel because of manual palpation is virtually eliminated. A probe diameter of 1.5 inches is smaller than your arm lessening animal stress. The Duo Scan Radial offers the fastest most accurate pregnancy detection for beef cows.

All the BCF ultrasound accessories such as the smart display, goggles and monitor varieties are compatible with duo scan axial.

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