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Design : spraying unit on the 3 points linkage with an rear articulated trailer . Steel welded chassis designed to resist intense use. 3 point linkage spraying unit with an articulated trailed tank to allow short maneuvers. 2 cranked half axles sliding into an axle holder : track width and clearance settings. Longitudinal setting for the axle position. Light compact and resistant tanks, rotomoulded with high density polyethylene. Main tank : 600 and 800 litre. Rinsing tank : 55 and 70 litre. Hand-wash tank : 15 litre

Operating area
Easy and intuitive operating area
A centralized pack to allow an easy and ergonomic operating

Pump and filtration
All TECNOMA sprayers are fitted with a piston-diaphragm pump to ensure a stable flow at a wide volume and pressure range.
Pump PM 150 (60l/min). Homogeneous transfer of chemicals is guaranteed. Self-priming pump.

450 mm fan on the front. 26 hp required. Fan may be disengaged due to a dog clutch system. Belt drive fan with automatic tensioner on the belt : gas ram keeping the right tension at all time. Oil bath bearing gearbox with outside oil gauge giving durability and easy access for maintenance. 8 output air manifold with equal distribution.

Regulation :

REGULAIR regulation : regulation by manual pressure adjustment with pneumatic regulator.  REGULAIR guarantees good pressure stability during spraying and automatically compensates the section cut off without any calibrated return adjustment.

DPAE VITITRONIC regulation : regulation proportional to the forward speed (with PRECIJET and compatible booms)
The regulation valve adapts the spray and flow according to the forward speed to apply the same rate anywhere on the vineyard.

VITITRONIC principle :

  • Rate setting in L/ha
  • Speed sensor fitted to tractor or sprayer wheel
  • Flow regulation according to the pressure and the speed
  • Spraying control box in the cab
  • Easy application to various plantation widths and heights
  • 20 fields records : surface, volume and distance sprayed.

Pneumatic spraying :
polyethylene hands and cannons can be adapted to any vineyard with a high shock resistance. 3 dimensional settings for the hands.
Monostop : DCV and individual cut off system.

PRECIJET spraying : air flow assisted face by face spraying system.
Polyethylene tube : light, robust and shock resistant. Cone shape tube : fluidity through the rows and equal speed and volume from the top to the bottom of the air output.
Retractable attachment with automatic return in case of collision. 26 hp turbine.
1250 mm high for standard PRECIJET with 4 nozzles/face with orientation adjustment and height settings.
Monostop nozzle holder with anti-drip device.
Spray localization according to vegetation height.
Hollow cone ceramic nozzles.

Safety / environment protection

  • Accessories and equipment integrated : design, protection and easy cleaning
  • Smooth tank walls to limit waste residues and ease cleaning management
  • Specific shape in case of overflow
  • Optional equipments for a safe operating : induction hopper, Lav’Box, SPIROVIT
  • Optional equipments for an optimal application : DPAE regulation VITITRONIC
  • Optional equipments for waste management : AUTONET by gravity, hose reel and lance pack (for an external cleaning of the sprayer), boom rinsing without return to tank

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