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- Model 10kg - Aquatic



Bradan scientists in conjunction with Antec Ltd developed Virkon Aquatic (also known as Virkon S Aquatic). It is widely recognized as the ultimate fish disinfectant, independently proven to be highly effective against all significant fish pathogens. It is the highest rated disinfectant against all of the notifiable diseases and it is particularly effective against IPN, ISA and PD viruses and Aeromonas salmonicida.

Recent work with fish processors has shown that when used as a fogging agent in kilns and chills in fish processing factories it can also dramatically reduce the risk of Listeria contamination of fish products. 

Studies at the University of Idaho and on commercial salmon farms have shown that Virkon Aquatic may also play a valuable role in prevention of fish to fish transfer of viruses when added at appropriate levels to the water containing live fish. Virkon Aquatic is recognized as the gold standard for aquatic environment biosecurity and Bradan Limited is the main supplier for the UK and Europe.

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