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Dura-Bull Mineral Feeder


The Vigortone Dura-Bull Feeder is a convenient and economical way to feed Vigortone free choice mineral to your livestock. It is readily used by animals, protects your Vigortone Beef and Sheep Mineral products, and saves you time.

  • A wide, easy-to-use 41 1/2' muliti-ply flap - many competitive feeders feature a less expensive 1-ply flap and therefore have a high degree of flap failure
  • The flap is made from sturdy reground rubber - not less expensive masticated material which splits around the center hole
  • Weather resistant - protects mineral from rain and wind
  • Saves time - 3 compartments hold up to 200 pounds of Vigortone mineral
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Cannot tip - the feeder has four easy anchor flanges and a cavity which can be filled with up to 50 pounds of ballast, such as sand, if desired.
  • Body of the feeder is yellow, high density polyethylene with hindered amine light stabilizer, the most effective ultraviolet inhibitor
  • Economically priced and economical to maintain
  • No exposed sheet metal, steel latticework, or straps for livestock to hook their horns, hooves, or hides on
  • Center link pin allows flap to ride up when lifted by animals, this permits 'give' and extends the life of the flap and feeder
  • Easily moved as needed

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