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Dura Trac Calf Flooring is designed with attention to newly weaned calves, replacement heifers, and veal calves. Additionally, the floors can be built to fit any pen or stall.  A thick layer of PVC coats the entire floor. This results in not only a long lasting floor, but also a floor that won’t rust. There is no exposed metal. For this reason, Dura Trac calf flooring is ideal for veal calves. Furthermore, it is easy to clean. Under these conditions, stress on the calves is reduced. Calves are healthier because they stay clean and dry.

  • Aids in traction which also reduces floor related injuries
  • Easily allows for modern cleaning methods
  • Resists rust and corrosion
  • Not only durable, but also comfortable
  • Reduces stress on the animal
  • Built with prime steel and completely covered with a thick coating of PVC

The New Dura Bilt Calf Stall

  • Insures the safety and health of calves by keeping them warm and dry - no need for additional bedding
  • Allows for superior footing and animal safety by aiding traction with appropriate mesh size
  • Offers easy access to the calf through the secure gates
  • Easy to clean therefore reduces labor costs

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