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- Aluminum Arm, Flip Tarp System



The lower chain driven crank assembly provides positive traction to reduce operating time.  All components are plated for corrosion resistance.  The Hydro chain is treated to provide maximum corrosion resistance while maintaining the Enclosed helical torsion springs attached to the aluminum arm on both sides of the trailer provide equal resistance and tension during operation.The aluminum arms are stronger than Steel and are the most durable on the market.Cast aluminum elbows together with the extruded aluminum arms create superior strength and corrosion resistance.An aluminum checker plate wind deflector comes standard on all DURA-FLIP systems.

The rear lock-mechanism utilizes a hook and grab technique integrated onto the rear cross-member.  This rear cross-member can be locked and then thew fabric can be tightened to prevent premature wearing on the fabric, arms and also prevents the rear cross-member from bouncing during travel.  NO STRAPS!!!  This rear lock mechanism is a standard feature on all units with a length of 23 feet and over.

A Direct Drive Electric Motor that connects to the roll tube is available in 12V. or 24V., depending on the current electrical system.   This system is available in direct drive (shown) or chain drive (motor is installed onto truck body with roller chain attached to roll tube).This system can be operated by using a rocker switch or a WIRELESS REMOTE

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