Spedo F.LLI

- Model CPL and CPLD - Potato Diggers



Potato digger with lateral unloading that can be mounted on tractors equipped with  three  point  linkage  and power takeoff (PTO). It  has  been  designed  for  harvesting potatoes  on  small  and  medium-size ground plots. The  machine  is  made  up  of  a  digging plowshare  (with  2  blades  in  the  CPL model, with 3 blades plus 2 grass-cutting d i s c s i n t h e C P L D m o d e l , recommendable for grounds with infesting leaves or grass) and 2 transversal  and  alternate  shaking  grids that  are  handled  by  a  camshaft  that  is balanced  by  a  rear  flywheel.

After  they have been separated from the earth, the potatoes  are  deposited  laterally  on  the ground on a single cut row, thus allowing the tractor to dig row by row. On  all  the  points  exposed  to  vibrations there are anti-vibrating rubber bushes that allow the machine stability while working.

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