Dena Samaneh

Model DWS-20 - Bird Weighing System


DWS-20 is a management system designed for the modern producer who requires optimum production information. The DWS-20 unit incorporates a bird weighing system, temperature recording, waterand feed consumption registration and alarming for four poultry houses.

Bird weighing :
The system measures and records the live body weight of the birds. To be used for broilers, breeders, rearing (in cages), ducks and turkeys. The weighing scale is suspended at the ceiling. This generates a large number of weighings with high level of accuracy. The DWS-20 shows you at a glance whether the planned target weight agrees with the actual bird weight in any house. It also alerts you when a abnormal growth rate fluctuation is detected.

Temperature recording :
The temperature will automatically be monitored. This is valuable to see in relation to bodyweight and water feed consumption.

Water- and feed consumption :
To analyse the performance of the flock, it is essential to keep track of the water and feed consumption. Stocking number and mortality are also important. All the above mentioned figures are stored and retrievable for the last 50 days. To visualise all figures in a graphical way, it is possible to connect the DWS-20 to a local PC or via a MODEM to a remote location.

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