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An arsenal of off-the-shelf I/O cards communicate over 10 miles over a twisted-pair cable - or to virtually anywhere on optical fibers, phone lines or radio - at a selectable speed: 19.2k, 38.4k, 57.6k or 115.2k Baud. The 3x4' DX2202 has two analog inputs (4-20ma, 12-bit resolution), two digital inputs (NO/NC dry contacts) and two digital outputs (SPDT relays with 110V-5A contacts).

The 5x5' DX4404 has 4AI, 4DI and 4DO, same specs. Other cards are available with various I/O count combinations, to 8AI, 8DI, 2AO and 8DO. All of these high quality I/O cards are transient protected for 1500W pulse rating. The 'DX' communication bus and protocol are compatible with Rel-Tek's high security PC-based Millennia-DX monitoring and data logging equipment. These quality products combine performance, safety and economy, essential to your most important operations. project requirements.

A serial port on the computer is converted to the DX-Bus long distance I/O Modules using the DX-Com module. Selectable data rates can range from 1200 baud to 19.2K baud and from 19.2K baud to 115.2K baud, our high speed versions for exceptionally fast data recovery. Distances can be 10 miles or across the plant, using inexpensive 14-18 AWG twisted pair, unshielded cable. A variety of field I/O cards can be mixed and matched, and parallel connected anywhere along the line for interfacing with analog inputs (AI), digital inputs (DI), analog outputs (AO) and digital outputs (DO). US-manufactured and serviced.

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