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- Model 420 SL - Turf and Ornamental Insecticide - 2.5 Gal.



Dylox 420 SL Dylox insecticide provides fast-acting, curative control of white grubs and a variety of surface-feeding and soil insects. In fact, Dylox offers the fastest control available, with dead grubs observed as quickly as 24 hours after an application has moved into the infested zone by irrigation or rainfall. The active ingredient in Dylox insecticide, trichlorfon, inhibits the breakdown of acetylcholine by acetyl cholinesterase, disrupting the proper functioning of the insect nervous system. The active ingredient in Dylox provides control of insects resistant to pyrethroid insecticides, offering added value to applicators.

Contains: Trichlorfon 37.3%

Controls: Early and late white grub larvae, including: Masked chafers, European chafers, Japanese beetles, Oriental beetles, Sugarcane grubs. Also Controls Chinch bugs, Annual bluegrass weevil, Sod webworms (lawn moths), Cutworms, Armyworms.

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