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The surface of your fields is not absolutely flat... and that has direct impact on the quality of work of both front - and rear implements because it generates an uneven working depth. Achieving   the   correct   working   depth  is essential.Working the ground too deep puts unnecessary strain on the equipment and it WASTE FUEL... A too shallow working depth will not give the desired result and might require an extra tillage pass. Equipping your front hitch system with Laforge Automatic Controls improves your productivity, comfort, and the quality of your work. The Automatic Position and Traction Control, in combination with the DynaContour Ultima provides simplified operation, improved implement performance, and maximum tractor productivity while at the same time saving fuel.

  • Position and Traction Control improves the tractor performance by continuously adjusting the front hitch in relation to the tractor's level of slippage.
  • The operatorsimplydecide, on thecontrol box, when the tractor slippage percentage should be used as maximum reference as well as how much the working depth is allowed to deviate. The control then takes overand automatically activates the lift cylinders as required by the amount of slippage.
  • The tractor will operate at peak performance thanks to the automatic connection between the slippage level and the front hitch.
  • The Automatic Position and Traction Control incorporates settings for «down pressures and «float».
  • Automatic Position and Traction Control components

  • Control box in the cab
  • Independent Proportional Electronic Valve
  • Sensor(s) on the hitch
  • Front mounted switch for the hitch

  • DynaContour Ultima takes performance beyond Position and Traction Control, and Weight Transfer System, by adding real time field contour following.
  • DynaContour works by continuously sensing the lenght of the upper link and uses this information to automatically control the position of front hitch.
  • According to the surface of the field, the length of upper link will increase or decrease. The information is used to automatically adjust the position of the lower links to assure a constant working depth.
  • The Weight Transfer completes the device by continuously transferring a portion of the weight of the implement from the gauge wheel{s) to the tractor.
  • This transfer of weight to the tractor's front axle improves steering and reduces slippage.
  • The full benefit of DynaContour is available without any need for a separate adjustment or control.

  • Automatic Position and Traction Control
  • Weight Transfer Kit with hydraulic upper link
  • Front mounted switch for the upper link
  • Upper link Sensor

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