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- Model 9250 Series - Draper Headers


With an up to 40-foot (12.2 m) cut, the DynaFlex allows you to take more crop efficiently to optimize combine capacity and reduce operator fatigue. The fully flexible, cab-controlled cutterbar with up to 8 inches (203 mm) of vertical travel allows you to take crop right at ground level. The drapers' belt slats are reinforced with fiberglass and have v-belt guides for consistent, even tracking. Mechanically driven drapers and cutter bar offer more torque and no requirement of a separate hydraulic system.

Mounting is centrally located on the header to provide optimized feeding. The integral frame provides clean, easy mounting without the need of additional hydraulic componentry, reducing overall depth.

Single Point Multicoupler
A single-point multicoupler assures a firm and secure connection. The multicoupler includes the electrical connections for the reel fore/aft, as well as height sensors, reel rotation and reel lift.

The heavy-duty coupler permits full pressure connection and disconnect in seconds.

Header Drive Coupling - PTO Style
A flexible PTO style drive shaft delivers positive power distribution while providing versatility in uneven terrain.

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