- Model 600 Series - Nebraska


Agriculture dynes have a base that serves as a ballast weight for high-torque applications.  Dyne unit necessitates prescribed amount of supply water (GPM) per 100 HP. Safety fuse (releases at 185 degrees F) allows for power absorption unit protection through automatic disengagement of hydraulic pressure within hydraulic control system. All agriculture dynes are equipped with shear pin release and safety shields. Agriculture dynes are fully operable upon receipt.  An AW representative completes your dynamometer purchase through on-site training of key personnel on the functionality and maintenance of the dynamometer unit.

HP: 600 HP at 1000 RPM / 300 HP at 540 RPM
Torque: 3150 Ft. Lbs at 1000 RPM
Speed: 1500 RPM
PC Control: Electro Hydraulic Valve Control via Real-Time Data Acquisition PC
Closed Loop Control: Real-Time PID Set-Point Control (RPM/Torque)
Hand-Held Control: Wireless Hand-Held Control with Data Acquisition Readouts
Manual Control: Manual Pressure Relief Valve

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