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There is a long list of advantages of using Dyneema® fibres to replace steel wire, Polyester or Nylon. The very strong and very light D12, with Dyneema®, has proven to be an efficient and well performing alternative:  

  • extremely light
  • extremely strong
  • easy handling
  • lower loading on hardware (please note: the way of loading is different)
  • low stretch, low shrinkage
  • high cut resistance
  • long life

The construction is easily spliceable. Changes to our construction can be applied to suit specific applications. We can support our customers with installation-, handling- and inspection guidelines.

Van Beelen can perform testing for classification certificates of DNV-GL, Lloyd's Register and other classification and technical assurance bureaus, in the test facility in IJmuiden.

D12 is available in SK62, SK75 (XBO), SK78 (XBO), DM20, SK90, SK99, HS en DUPLEX.

All D12 can be supplied with different types of overbraid, such as (combinations of) Polyester, Dyneema, Technora. Kevlar or Vectran.

D12 SK75

This type of D12 is, together with D12 SK78, the standard for D12. From our warehouse in IJmuiden we can supply quickly, often from stock. And our splicers are ready to construct slings and roundslings as required.

  • D12 SK75 is 12 strand braided as per ISO 10325.
  • Breaking load wet and dry is equal.
  • Breaking load of spliced rope is minus 10% as per ISO 2307.

spec. gravity 0.97
melting temperature 150⁰ C
max. elongation 4%

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