e-SENSE: e+ Soil MCT-Logger



Measuring with and managing of equipment remotely (from a considerable distance) is happening more and more. Setting, reading out and if necessary taking action from a location of choice are options that are nowadays standard requirements. Using the e-SENSE® telemetry measurement system, in which measurement data are collected by intelligent sensors such as the e+®-sensors or the Diver®, you do a lot more than just measure. Intelligent sensors independently take measurements in the field and store them internally. Via the connection to the e-SENSE field modem, your measurement data or alarm signals are then sent to a database running on your own PC (e-SENSE direct).


e+ SOIL MCT intelligent data logger features:

  • Measurement of Moisture content, electrical Conductivity and Temperature in soils or comparable substrates
  • Storage of the measurements
  • Comparison of actual values to preset alarm values (when using telemetry)
  • Transfer of the measurements optically to the user directly or via the e-SENSE telemetry system
  • Allows for user definable sampling and transfer intervals, which also can be set remotely

The measuring principle of the sensor is based on the Frequency Domain Method (FD), described by Wageningen University & Research Centre (van Balendonck and Hillhorst), at a frequency of 20 MHz, from which the system derives:

  • permittivity
  • conductivity
  • temperature

The sensor contains a dedicated chip developed by the Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering in Wageningen, the Netherlands and amicrocontroller data logger with embedded software that will allow for a range of applications, e.g. the sensor can derive from it’s data:

  • volumetric water content
  • bulk electrical conductivity (ECb)

The internal software can automatically compensate the conductivity for the measured temperature. From a range of different soil types the moisture content will be accurately measurable, based on general calculation models (e.g. TOPP 2001 model) and local calibration data.Soil specific calibration is possible with a 2-point calibration which can be set up by the user.


  • Agri- and horticulture and plant science e.g. to monitor and control irrigation parameters.
  • Area’s where the actual value or the actual change of water content is of importance.
  • Foodstuffs before and during long term storage.
  • Dike guarding
  • Salinization processes

Technical specifications

e+ SOIL MCT logger:

  • Memory capacity: 3x20.000 measurements
  • Measurement interval time: 10...60 sec; 1...60 minutes; 1...24 hour
  • Datalogging method: Fixed interval time
  • Clock accuracy: 1 sec. per day
  • Alarm levels (adjustable): low and/or high alarm in the complete range of all measuring parameters
  • Battery status indication: 0...100%

e+ SOIL MCT sensor:

  • Measuring frequency: 20 MHz
  • Measurement volume (saturation): ≥ 1000 ml (500 ml 98% accuracy)
  • Measuring range soil moisture: 0...100% volumetric
  • Accuracy soil moisture: +/- 2.5% of the measured value (mineral soils, 0...50 °C)
  • Resolution soil moisture: 0.01%
  • Measuring range conductivity: 0...5 mS/cm
  • Accuracy conductivity: +/- 5% of the measured value (0...50 °C, 0...2 mS/cm)
  • Resolution conductivity: 0.01 mS/cm
  • Measuring range temperature: 0...80 °C
  • Accuracy temperature: +/- 0.5 °C
  • Resolution temperature: 0.01 °C

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