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E-Z Rize Sand Bed Cubicle



E-Z Rize Sand Bed Cubicles with various fixing options, enables you to control the cow without limiting her comfort. Testimonial: Austin Knowles 400 Holsteins, Hollings Hill Farm, Worcestershire. 'We installed E-Z Rize, next to super comfort cubicles in a new sand bedded barn to see if there was any difference in comfort between the two stalls, it was immediate to see that although there seemed to be little preference in the two, the cows in the E-Z Rizes were lying far straighter in the beds, due to the design of the E-Z Rize, and the positioning of the 160mm brisket pipe, we were able to control the cows without compromising on comfort, therefore we have cleaner cows, less work cleaning the beds, and save on the amount of sand required to maintain the beds.'

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