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Control lice, flies, etc.. One apparatus can be used for approx. 50 to 75 cows. Oil flows by gravity from the reservoir into 3 oil stems. Completely galvanized. Low maintenance. Uses any liquid insecticide. Special nylon brushes provide long use - the quality of the bristles on our brushes is Outstanding. When installed in the right place and when well adjusted, the apparatus is very effective and uses a minimum of insecticides. Two Year Guarantee


4. Horizontal Brush
5. Spring
6. Vertical Brush
7. Nipple Block
8. Nipple Stem
9. Oil Tube Connector
10. Nipple Base
11. O-washer
12. Nipple Stem
13. Valve Spring
14. Screw
15. Vertical Brush Frame
16. Horizontal Brush Frame
17. Spring Tube
19. Mipple Unit Frame
20. Steel Tank
21. Tap for Steel Tank
22. Steel Tank lid
23. Plastic Oil Tubing

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