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Model E32 - Electronic Switch Modules



Offering a high level of flexibility, the above-panel electronic multiplex switch module (eSM E32) covers your wide range of switch and indicator applications using standard or custom graphics, as well as a full range of circuits and illumination options. The above-panel eSM E32 has top, center and bottom LED lighting with software that offers advanced circuit and lighting flexibility, including dimming and flashing options via J1939 CANbus communication.

  • Reduced assembly labor due to ease of installation, allowing for mounting and connection of three switches at one time versus individually
  • Reduced wire harness complexity, using one harness to a controller to accommodate up to 24 switches and a three-wire interconnect between expansion and master modules
  • Reduced harness size offers an overall reduction in weight, improving operational efficiency of the equipment
  • Increase in switch lifecycle over traditional electromechanical switches (300k cycles)
  • Late point definition of circuit and rockers reduces inventory and accommodates multiple application requirements.
  • Sleep mode available to reduce current draw on the battery.
  • Front panel removable for easy maintenance.

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