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Model eA300 - ecoAgra


ecoAgra (eA300) is a technically advanced plant application product that naturally improves photosynthesis, thus increasing root mass, yield and BRIX levels (natural sweetness). More expansive roots require less water, adding conservation to the many benefits this technology will provide. ecoAgra is 100% formulated from North American plants, and can be mixed with fertilizer or used alone. Inexpensive to apply, ecoAgra can help offset high input costs. Use of the technology creates cash crops requirements for farmers, and increased yields provide food for the hungry, thus making ecoAgra our star technology as it relates to the wellbeing of humans.

Once applied, root systems shoot deep and strong into the soil, providing the plant access to more nutrients, speeding up growth, and helping the plant survive in times of drought. BRIX levels rise, providing increased plant quality.

We suggest the pre-treatment of seeds, as this will provide increased germination rates, and the plant typically emerges from the soil faster. The plant is then treated at the 3-5 foliar stage, and can also be blended in with mid season inputs, and again as a post harvest soil treatment.

ecoAgra is 100% biobased, and is truly sustainability since it improves the yield of its own ingredients. In other words, the use of ecoAgra helps make itself, enhancing its sustainability factor.

ecoAgra not only increases the growth rate in plants, it also improves the size and sweetness of fruits and vegetables through increased BRIX levels and crop value.

Field evaluations show an increased in yield, often in the 20-30% range. Treatement has improved the taste and texture of fruit and vegetables, while flowers become more radiant. The general health and vitality of the plant becomes obvious.

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