- Model 10 Series - Tillage Equipment



EarthMaster revolutionized the tillage industry by incorporating two tillage operations into one pass. This mixing increases microbial activity, quickens decomposition, and helps protect against erosion. The massive rear shanks go deep into the soil to lift and shatter the soil's hardpan and reduce compaction.

  • Spring-mounted disc gang
  • Safety tow chain
  • Adjustable disc angle
  • Reversible clevis hitch
  • Transport locks
  • 24' disc blades
  • Easy-adjust depth control
  • Safety lights
  • Hydraulic lift
  • Removable V-chisel

  • Front tandem discs cut and mix the crop residue into the top 6-8' of soil
  • Heavy-duty shanks with spring-loaded auto reset among the industry’s strongest
  • Increases microbial activity
  • Quickens decomposition
  • Helps protect against erosion
  • Greater water and nutrient infiltration into the soil
  • Better environment for maximum root growth
  • Increased yields

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