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The most versatile ultrasound machine for bovine veterinarians. The Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound scanner makes your diagnosis more precise than other detection methods. It is an easier way to determine the best time for insemination, early/late pregnancy and sex. We designed the Easi-Scan to be durable and comfortable. It is easy to use during a long day scanning on the dairy or beef farm.

  • Accurate and fast reproductive examinations mean you won’t miss details in your diagnosis. As a result you will save time, money and gain increased trust from your clients.
  • Comfort and ease of scanning means less strain on your body and faster herd checks than with manual palpation and other ultrasound scanners
  • Designed to meet the demands of everyday wear and tear on the farm. The robust design means your scanner will last in the farm environment. You will reduce repair cost and time with the Easi-Scan.

With the Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound scanner, your reproductive diagnoses will be faster and more accurate than with other pregnancy detection methods. The Easi-scan allows you to determine fertility, pregnancy and sex easily.

We designed Easi-Scan to be durable, lightweight and portable. You will be able to wear the Easi-Scan all day without strain on your body. Its portability means you can take it with you anywhere on the farm.

The Easi-Scan was designed as a veterinary ultrasound scanner for reproduction diagnosis on dairy and beef cattle. You can also use it for equine, camelids, deer and fish pregnancy checks and other non-reproduction purposes. You can even use it abdominally for occasional small animal work.

Ever gotten a good kick from a cow because you couldn’t see your surroundings with other ultrasound goggles? With BUG (BCF Universal Goggle) you keep your peripheral vision to help avoid those pesky bruises. BUG allows you to see the ultrasound image directly in front of your eyes. All you need is your ultrasound scanner, BUG ultrasound goggle and an animal then you are ready to start scanning.

Easi-Scan is easy to use with only 4 buttons and 4 modes. You can move quickly between modes without confusion. It helps you get your job done faster.

Easi-Scan’s probe provides optimal ultrasound image quality from its 128 elements. It allows you to make faster diagnoses with a clearer image than other ultrasound scanners. A frame rate of 40 frames per second allows you to move your probe faster with no image lag.

Designed for on-farm conditions, this lightweight bovine ultrasound scanner goes anywhere you go. From the clean veterinary clinic, to a manure covered barn or field and to the hose for clean-up. After all that it is ready to go again the next day. The ultrasound scanner is worn around your waist lessening strain on your body so you’re ready too. Use the introducer and you will lessen your shoulder strain even further.

BCF stands behind all their products and provides top notch customer support. All new products come with a one year manufacturer warranty and the Easi-Scan comes with a lifetime warranty.

Frequency  4.5 MHz - 8.5 MHz
Depth range 16
Frame rate 4.5 MHz - 8.5 MHz
Dust and splash proof
Image storage
Image storage size 100 images
Arm-free scanning Yes

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