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- Model EM201 - Pinbone Remover


Easy-Matic Pinbone remover we can manufacture from 1-lane machine and up to 8 lane machine and all the machines we can also offer as TWIN models. Machines are produced for pulling out bones from salmon and trout fillets – best result of pulling out bones is when the fish is out of rigor mortis before pinboning. The machines pulls out 90-95% of all the pinbones (TWIN model pulls out more bones).

In production line

All our pinboning machines can work in a production line and can be feeded automatically after filleting of fish with a Kaj Olesen distributor/collector.

The machines are made with a quick release belt and when belt is removed the machines are very easy to clean and also easy to maintain.

For all our machines we can offer a vacuum system for sucking away water and bones in order to have a nice clean fillet.

Machines from Kaj Olesen A/S are all manufactured in stainless steel and in  a way that makes it easy for customer to work with the machines and do the daily cleaning and maintenance – this saves a lot of money for the customer.

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