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- Harvesting System



The EasyLoader® harvesting system transfers broilers directly from the BroMaxx to containers. Legs and wings are not damaged, and meat quality is maintained. This harvesting system guarantees perfect meat quality and substantial labour savings.

  • Considerable labour savings The EasyLoader conveyor belts transport broilers directly into containers. Human handling is therefore minimized, which results in maximum labour savings.
  • Load 12,000 birds per hour The EasyLoader harvesting system loads broilers into containers at a rate of up to 12,000 birds per hour. This results in maximum efficiency with a minimum of labour.
  • Excellent broiler production Because there are no bends in the conveyor, the broilers are not damaged during harvesting. In combination with the BroMaxx colony system this results in production of excellent meat quality.
  • Useable for multiple houses The EasyLoader harvesting system can be easily moved to other poultry houses. This enables to make the most out of the investment.
  • Easy supply and discharge of containers Roller conveyors from the BroMaxx Container Station platform system allows easy supply of empty containers and discharge of full ones.

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