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Our best selling model with Premium Standard Features and no interior wheel pockets.  Standard and custom models available.  A Heritage of Eby quality and style. 16′ – 26′ lengths in tandem configurations and 30′ in tri-axle.  6’11” wide.

Full swing with 1/2 sliding backend. Minimal step and maximum opening

Inside / Outside release latch

Lockable stainless steel latch for slider door

Integrated step / fender gussett

Double pan gate with heavy duty extruded frame and pipe hinge

Durable 4″ Heavy Duty aluminum hinge for rear door

Extruded Aluminum Fender with Multi Function Light

Tapered nose with extruded corner posts, cast aluminum corner caps, and heavy duty extruded bottom and top rail

Standard Slat Patterns

Slat A – (2) 6″ Air openings at top and (1) 2″ air opening 18″ off the floor

Slat B – (2) 6″ Air openings at top only

Slat C – (2) 6″ Air openings at top and (2) 2″ air openings at bottom

Slat D -(2) 6″ Air openings at top, (1) 2″ air opening at bottom and (1) 4″ air opening at bottom

Popular options 

  • 7′ Inside height
  • Rolling gate
  • 1/2 sliding or hinged pass through doors in interior gates
  • Spare wheel and tire
  • Plexiglas closures
  • Aluminum closures
  • Belly vents
  • Nose Vents

Maverick trailers also are available with convenient option packages

  • Combo Package
    • Converts existing 4′ of trailer into tack room which includes a permanent straight wall, sealed camper door, windows in the nose, and an inside light with seperate switch.
  • Trophy Package
    • Includes Black Panels on side of nose, Stainless Steel front corners, polished aluminum corner caps, inside and outside tie rail, extra light package, 1/2 sliding pass through door in center divider
  • Trophy Plus Package
    • Trophy package with a rolling gate in lieu of the std permanent gate
  • Final Drive Package
    • Trophy package with 48″ wide drop ramp curbside and escape door roadside, Rolling gate in addition to std. gate, loading light over ramp.

Available Dimensions:

  • Floor Length:  16’, 18’, 20’, 22’, 24’, 26’, 30′
  • Outside Width:  6’11”
  • Inside Height:  6’6”

Running Gear:

  • GVWR:  14,000 lbs.
  • Axles:  (2) 7,000# rubber ride (greased packed bearings), 102” wide.  (2) 7,200# rubber ride (greased packed bearings), 102” wide – Std. on 26’ model.  (3) 7,000# rubber ride (greased packed bearings) 102″ wide – 30′ tri-axle
  • Wheels:  16” x 6” heavy duty steel, 8-lug.
  • Tires:  (4) ST235/85R16 steel belted radials, load range E.  (6) ST235/85R16 steel belted radials, load range E on tri-axles
  • Brakes:  12” x 2” electric on 7K Axles.  12-1/4” x 2-1/2” electric on 7.2K Axles – Std. on 26’ model.
  • Safety Equip.:  Two chains and electronic breakaway kit.
  • Landing Gear:  Single drop leg, single speed, roadside crank with crank bushing

Nose Construction:

  • Front Nose Assembly:  9º tapered nose with .080 aluminum smooth sheet sides and front, with aerodynamic aluminum corner caps and extruded front corner posts.
  • Posts:  4-1/2” extruded aluminum hat shaped posts.
  • Bottom Rails:  8” extruded aluminum. (9-1/2″ on tri-axle)
  • Crossmembers:  3” extruded aluminum I-beams on 12” centers.
  • Floor:  1/8” aluminum smooth sheet.
  • Upper Coupler:     3/16” x 5” x 5” tubular steel. (5/16″ x 5″ x 7″ tubular steel on tri-axle)
  • Lower Coupler:     2-5/16” ball coupler (20,000# ball rating) (30,000# ball rating on tri-axle) with steel hitch post section and aluminum front gusset, adjustable height 28” – 36-1/2” from ground to top of ball.

Box Construction:

  • Slats:  Standard exterior slat spacing, pattern A, B and C.  6” openings are notched for optional closures.
  • Posts:  Extruded aluminum, 1” x 3” tapered tubular side posts, spaced on 18” centers maximum.
  • Bottom Rails:  12” extruded aluminum.
  • Top Rails:  6” extruded aluminum.
  • Crossmembers:  3” extruded aluminum I-beams on 12” centers with 3” extruded aluminum J-beams at floor seams.
  • Floor:  .115 6061 T6 aluminum diamond plate with (4) 1” high ridges, corrugated longitudinally on 19” centers.
  • Side Door:  33” wide, curb side, 10-3/4” from drop sheet up to 26′ models.
  • Rear Frame Assembly:  3” x 5” tubular extruded aluminum with Eby cast aluminum corner caps.
  • Rear Door:  Full swing with (3) 4” extruded aluminum offset hinges for extended swing radius.  Hinges are mechanically fastened and welded to rear frame.  32” wide exterior sliding door on roadside with polyurethane rollers at the top and UHMW wear pads at the threshold.

Roof Assembly:

  • Sheet:  One-piece .040 aluminum
  • Bows:  Hat shaped 1-1/2” x 4” aluminum extrusion on 24” centers.


  • Std. Partition:  Extruded aluminum tube and punched sheet construction with (2) horizontal stiffener rails and outside release slam latch.  Extruded aluminum pipe hinge with nylon bushing mounted curbside. Partition located on post nearest centerline of box.
  • Nose Partition:  Bottom hinged, punched sheet construction with (2) self-catching rotary latches.

Lights & Wiring:

  • Lights:  12-volt D.O.T. approved, LED.
  • Wiring:  A.T.A. color coded, wiring harness.
  • Rear Lights:  Modular, turn-tail-stop, LED.  One light each side (red).
  • Inside Lights:  Two sealed beam, with external rear water resistant switch.

(Meets all US and Canadian Regulations.)


  • Tire Carrier:  Aluminum, mounted on exterior drop sheet.
  • Fenders:  Extruded rolled aluminum.
  • Bumpers:  Full width 3” molded rubber.
  • Skid Plates:  (3) 3/16” formed aluminum.
  • Paint:  Steel parts painted silver.
  • Conspicuity Tape:  Meets all US and Canadian regulations.

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