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- Automatic System For Mixing And Spraying Deodorizing


ECOR - GIO.ECO automatic system for mixing and spraying deodorizing products. ECORMX is the fruit of an in-depth study and provides the ideal solution for the deodorization of large areas. The ECDRMIX. which are easy to handle and highly automated, ere automatic mixing and spraying systems that can operate even in the most adverse conditions end are capable of solving every kind of odour-related problem.

Fitted with a non-pressurized swiri atomizer, they can guarantee a jet of over 18 metres in windless conditions. The atomization of the micro-particles of me deodorizing mixture, rich in specific micro-organisms, favours the uptake of the foul-smelling gases and die formation, on me surface of the refuse, of a biofim capable of oxydizing and holding back die foul-smelling molecules. Excellent  results have  been achieved in deodorization treatments of refuse, colection and processing equipment and areas for the reclamation and/or storage of biological mud and refuse in general, thanks to the effect of the active inhibiting, and not simply masking, principles contained in the EC0R-GO.EC0 formulas.

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