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For more than 25 years, the ECHO® irrigation system has been the industry standard for automated hanging basket systems. The ECHO system is the most cost-effective way to increase plant quality and boost labor efficiency. It’s easy-to-install and simple-to-operate.

The Cherry Creek original ECHO system offers:

  • A new 50-inch addition to our 40-, 30- & 20-inch options
  • Improved design: better weight load balance and easier installation
  • Variable-speed AC motor option: watering speeds can be set slow eliminating basket swing, while load/unload speeds can be set faster increasing efficiencies
  • Separate programmable watering times for each layer: grow different size baskets on each one
  • 24-hour clock for automatic start and stop times: have your watering done before your coffee is brewed
  • Remote start function: for interaction with Environmental Control System
  • The NEW REVERBTM touch screen PLC controller: program up to 16 ECHO systems from one central controller

The Perfect Fit

Which size drum is best for your application?


50-inch ECHO: 

  • More diffused light will reach the second and third layers 
  • Premium 12-inch and larger baskets
40-inch ECHO: 
  • The industry’s most common drum size 
  • Premium 10-inch to 14-inch baskets
30-inch ECHO: 
  • Fits well into narrow bays and around post-lines 
  • Standard 8-inch to 12-inch baskets
20-inch ECHO: 
  • Best-suited for installation over production areas and where low-light crops are grown 
  • Standard 5-inch to 10-inch baskets

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