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- Model ES2 - Horticulture LED Light



The Eclipse horticulture LED light was developed in collaboration with universities and corporate research partners to drive global horticulture initiatives. With Illumitex’s Surexi LEDs, the Eclipse Series horticulture LED lights are specifically intended for use in vertical farms, growth chambers, tissue culture laboratories and greenhouses. Eclipse horticulture LED lights can virtually alter the photosynthesis and/or photomorphogenesis response, allowing more robust growth in less time. ES2 offers up to 10 different spectral and wavelength options. Wattage dependent on configuration.

ES2 consists of two 48-inch extruded aluminum heat sink channels connected via a 2-conductor SO cable. To provide a more robust and cost-effective installation process, the optional Illumitex Power Bar can be used to power multiple ES2 light fixtures. The Power Bar provides a completely plug-and-play system and allows the vast majority of the system to be installed by non-licensed personnel by eliminating the need to run separate power lines to every fixture.

  • Uniform color blending
  • Waterproof (IP66)
  • Maximum photosynthetic light on plants
  • Lightweight & silent
  • Thin Profile (.86″ height)
  • No assembly required
  • RoHS compliant
  • ETL/cETL listed
  • CE marking
  • Each Eclipse bar weighs approximately 2.6 lbs
  • Each Eclipse driver weighs approximately 2.2 lbs
  • 24-inch Power Bar weighs approximately 8.5 lbs
  • 48-inch Power Bar with 3 power supplies weighs approximately 14 lbs
  • 48-inch Power Bar with 4 power supplies weighs approximately 16.2 lbs

  • F1: General purpose and high efficiency growth
  • F3: General purpose, best for germination through flowering
  • X5: Elicits excellent flowering and vegetative responses; best for human visualization
  • F6: For compact plants, especially seedlings
  • F7: For strong suppression of height elongation
  • 450nm Blue: Supplements blue-deficient lighting (e.g. high pressure sodium)
  • 624nm Red: Supplements red-deficient lighting (e.g. metal halide)
  • 660nm Deep Red: Supplements red-deficient lighting; best for night interruption
  • 730nm Far Red: Promotes flowering of short-day plants (not photosynthetically active)

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