- Eco-Friendly Fire Inhibitor


Eco is proud to introduce the all new Eco Fire Break, offering homeowners the ability to create a fire break around their property, potentially saving their home and property from the destruction caused by wildfire events. Fire Break has been designed leveraging the Company's FRC Technology creating the first Eco-Friendly fire inhibitor, using a proprietary blend of ingredients. The Fire Break formula has been engineered to dissolve in water, creating a fire-inhibiting solution, that when applied directly to vegetation or even a structure, it can do so without causing negative effects to your home and surrounding environment. To achieve the most effective results, Fire Break should be applied twenty four hours prior to an anticipated event, and will act not only as a fire inhibitor; it also possesses properties for use as vegetation fertilizer.

Fire Break offers homeowners piece-of-mind that they can take extra steps to save their home without having to rely solely on emergency response personnel, or endangering themselves staying behind in defense with a garden hose.

If you live in a wildfire prone area, Fire Break is a home safety invesent you can afford, ultimately preparing your home and family for the next wildfire emergency.

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