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- Model 550D Blue - Harvesters


Eco Log 550D Blue is the handy harvester suitable for work in small trees. Like all Kco Log harvesters the Eco Log 550D Blue is equipped with pendulum arms, which gives the machine a ground clearance of 1324 mm if necessary.  Eco Log 550D Blue comes equipped with dual implement pumps, one for the crane and one for the harvesting head. This allows simultaneous crane and head work, smoothly without the machine loosing any speed. For thinning a powerful crane is a must have in order to exploit the machine to its maximum in all directions. With an overall width of 2.6 m (101') and a boom length of 11.5 m (37.7'), you can reach out from the tracks and perform thinning without damaging the forest.

  • Length: 7145 mm/281'
  • Width: 2606 mm/102'
  • Ground clearance: 145-1324 mm/5.7-52.1'
  • Max. Power: 260 bhp/ 195 kW
  • Torque @ 1200-1600 rpm: 1020 Nm/ 757lbPtft
  • Fuel tank capacity: 4601/ 120 gal.
  • Steering, turning angle: 44 °
  • Tilt angle, front/back: ±17°
  • Tilt angle, side/side: ±25.5 °

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