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Realising the need of new small livestock farms for fast and safe milking, Milkplan created the new range of ECO MILKING systems that are based on a simple, cost-effective design while also maintaining their reliable operation. They are mainly combined with fixed stalls and can also be easily connected to fast-exit stalls. A key characteristic of the new ECO MILKING systems is the milking of the animals through a stainless milk tube with a direct outlet to the milk cooling tank or receiver, thus freeing the livestock farmer from time-consuming procedures (milking using buckets etc.) and allowing them to improve the level of their work and the quality of the milk.

  • Sizes: From 1X12 up to 2X24
  • Stainless milk tube Φ50 or Φ63
  • PVC 10 for the Φ40 washing pipe
  • Flexible bases for washing
  • Stainless basin for water supply Stainless milk receiver 35 or 55 lt, with (or without) pump
  • Pneumatic or electronic
  • Pulsators
  • Clusters made of 100% silicone with an automatic valve

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