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Eco-Prime NPK Purple


Eco-Prime Purple is a unique mineral NPK fertiliser combining a complex blend of nutrients from Potassium Sulphate through to granulated Soft Rock Phosphate. This is enhanced with beneficial biology, including Mycorrhizal fungi and phosphorus solubalisers (such as Bacillus megaterium). Gentle yet Strong, Purple is a versatile fertiliser that ensures continuous nutrition especially for crops that place high demand on fertiliser availability and are subject to seasonal stress and bi-annual bearing. Fruit quality is enhanced though improved Phosphorus availability throughout the growing season, coupled with balanced Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and Trace nutrient release.

For Balanced Growth and Fruiting

  • Durable under Extreme Conditions
  • Suited for Light to Heavy Soils
  • plus Coastal & Saline Environments
  • Contains Beneficial Biology
  • Australian Made

  • Avocados 20g/sqm of shade under tree every 28days
  • Vegetable 500+Kg/Ha in light soils, 1500+Kg in heavy soils
  • Fruit Trees 500Kg/Ha
  • Table Grapes 500Kg/Ha

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