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Automatic feeders have proven themselves world-wide in the raising of lambs. They provide low-labour feeding and ensure the healthy growth of the animals. The Automatic Eco Lamb Feeder can feed up to 240 lambs, is easy to operate and provides low-labour feeding to help farmers rear strong, healthy lambs.

  • The lambs ingest their feed via a sucking teat as desired. The feed consists of water and milk is prepared hot and fresh in small portions in feeding boxes and quickly and intensively mixed.
  • You can equip the automatic feeders with up to 8 feeding stations.The boiler, which has a temperature sensor, an electronic heating regulator ensures that the feed always has the right temperature.
  • Direct function keys for all important functions.
  • Semi-automatic cleaning process with increased cleaning temperature.
  • Hose cleaning pistol to clean the suction hoses
  • Height-adjustable front plate with teat bracket and variable teat position.

  • Ensure the healthy growth of the Animals
  • You can feed 240 lambs reliably and safely.
  • Approximately 20 – 30 lambs can be fed per station.
  • Allows an easy application to train the young lambs
  • The Eco feeder is easy to transport because of practical lifting handles.
  • The Feeders are extremely cost efficient.
  • Allows a flexible mounting under different barn conditions

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