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ecoClean Equine Wash


ecoClean Equine Wash provides a thorough cleaning for horses, cows and other farm animals, leaving the hair soft and shiny, even when hard water is used. Washing offers relief from itching, and reduced deer fly and mosquito pestilence. eQuine Wash is readily biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and non-cariogenic, making it benign to children and the environment.

The eQuine Wash deep cleaning formula removes the food source that causes scratches, girth itch and rain rot. It quickly washes away odors and grime and leaves hair feeling clean, soft and shiny. Without abrasives or salt, dirt loosens quickly and can be rinsed away-without scrubbing, leaving your animal's skin smooth and flake-free. The skin will be so clean that it will not attract mites or foster fungus.

eQuine Wash does not have an added fragrance, but we do offer a variety of natural scents for orders of 55 gallons or more. A light mint fragrance seems to deter bugs, as they seemingly do not like the smell. Green apple and pear are also favorites.

Excellent for animials with mange, rain rot, sensitive skin, skin allergies, eczema, flea bites, sun burn, clipper irritation or hot spots.

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