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The newly developed Ecoline slurry tanks offer the perfect introduction to slurry application. This model is standard prepared for the installation of a dripple bar linkage or trailing shoe distributor. The Ecoline stands out with the stable and high-quality construction. A good weight distribution ensures, even when hitching a wide dripple bar linkage or trailing shoe distributor in the rear, for optimal head pressure on the tractor. With this, road safety and traction is ensured. Stable axles, big brakes and wide tires provide comfort and safety in the field and on the road. A wide range of options of different suction arms, pumps, tires and terminals leaves no wish unfulfilled. Alternatively, you can equip your slurry tank with a vacuum pump or a rotary lobe pump.

Whether for transport or application with a dripple bar linkage or trailing shoe distributor, with the Ecoline you have found the right partner. The new Ecoline offers efficiency, safety and comfort all along the line.

The Ecoline is available from a single axle with a capacity of 10,000 liters up to the three-axle tank with a capacity of 29,500 liters.

  • High quality construction
  • Affordable entry-level technology
  • Wide range of options
  • Standard prepared for a dripple bar system or trailing shoe distributor
  • Stable axles with large brakes
  • The fastest: the fastest micro turbo pump on the market ensures minimum waiting times
  • Flexible: With the docking and suction arms, you can dock and suck flexible Comfortable: With the Canbus terminal you can operate from the tractor cab
  • Practical: Always optimal hitch through the adjustable drawbar
  • Ground protecting: wide tires with a high steering angle ensures low ground pressure

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