- Concentrated Boron Organic Fertilizer



The most concentrated boron fertilizer designed for elimination of boron deficiency and for foliar application crops, especially demanding to conditions of providing with boron. Fertilizer can be used for foliar feeding of cereals, vegetable and fruit crops.

Boron in mineral nutrition of plants
In plants, boron participates in the formation of cell structures and in normal tissue differentiation, gives them strength. Boron improves nutrient absorption and transport of carbohydrates from the leaves to the roots and reproductive organs. Boron plays extremely important part in the processes of flowering - pollination. With its lack, pollen loses its viability, the pollination process would not be complete. A striking example is corn lax ear under drought conditions.

The need for boron in different cultures is different. Dicotyledonous plants (sugar beet, sunflower, rapeseed, almost all vegetables and fruits) absorb approximately 10 times more boron than unicotyledonous (cereal). Especially a lot of it is accumulated in the fruit pulp.

Lack of boron is plants is more pronounced during drought and when changing the soil environment reaction to the alkaline pH. Boric fertilizer must be used according to the results of soil analysis and the plants, or preventively on sowing sensitive crops. Manifestations of acute shortages, which appear visually, are virtually impossible to eliminate.

Purpose and benefits of microfertiliser
Approved for use in organic agriculture according to the Equivalent European Union Organic Production & Processing Standart for Third Countries to the Regulations EU № 834/2007and № 889/2008 ( Certificate “Organic Standart” № 16-0529-01 , 03.07.2016)

Ecoline Boron ontains Boron in the form of monoethanolamine organic compounds in maximum possible concentration. Ecoline Boron microfertilizer provides for boron nutrition regulation at the critical phase of the plant development, stress and cold resistance of plants, flowering regulation, improving the quality of the crop.


  • Nitrogen (N – NH2) 6,5 %
  • Boron (B) 15,5 %
  • Density 1,37 g/ml
  • pH 7,5

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